Introduction ;-)

Hello everyone, This is My first post ever.

The idea behind creating this website hit my mind when i become enthusiastic about wireless. you see, my educational background is not related to wireless at all. I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering but my passion for Telecommunication goes beyond the years where I was a simple child living in a world where cable-less devices were a mystery to me. When I graduated from university apart from the fact that the salary and pay were good in the Aerospace industry I made the biggest decision in my life and told and came to the conclusion to study networking more precisely Computer Networking.

I studied day and night to become a proficient in network engineer. I was totally newbie but i had to study and study well since “Networking” was going to be my main source of income. 🙂

I studied for vendors certificate.

I start with MikroTik and with in One year I have received every certification that MikroTik was providing by that time.

I became MikroTik Certified Trainer in 2017 and since then i have had many wonderful students across the globe

In 2019 I became UBNT Certified Trainer .

My name is Mohammad Razavi and from now on I will do my best to provide and discuss Wireless/IoT technology.


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